The core of HONOUR’s success resides in the professional fashion with which we handle customers needs as well as vast experience in the international tire trade. These skills, combined with a strong desire to be number one in Bias Tires, contribute to HONOUR’s unparalleled success.

We value our customers and understand that the least expensive item is not always best for our customers. We pride ourselves in offering high quality tires and service at a fair price, in an effort to reduce our customers’ cost .

We are committed to helping our customers expand their markets and profitability by providing quality products at competitive prices. 

All of above, have set a standard for others to follow, and clearly separate us from vicious competition. 

We believe and are confident that your association with us will go a long way in creating good business ! Look forward to your joining ! 

Through the ISO9000 international quality system certification

CCC compulsory certification through the National Security

By the U.S. DOC, European ECE, INMETRO and other domestic and international certification