Assembly Services: the Great Advantage of HONOUR Group

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We are the factory of HONOUR & CONDOR Brand, specializing in manufacturing Bias OTR, Industrial & Agricultual Tyres for 20 years, Semi-Steel Radial (Light Truck) Tires since 2005, and Wheel Rims from 2010. We can supply the assembly services like assembly irrigation tire 13.6-24 with W8x24, 14.9-24 with W12x24, Skid Steer tire 10-16.5 with 8.25x16.5, 12-16.5 with 9.75x16.5, etc. We can also produce Truck Wheel 22.5x8.00, 22.5x9.00, 22.5x11.75, 24.5x8.25, etc. We can produce these three types of products at the same time, and the product models & sizes are increasing. As a result, the product system is increasingly completed. In China as a whole, factories like ours are very few. It is our great advantage different clearly from other factories.